Gebr. Valstar

This nursery, newly built in 2019, is suitable for growing young plants. The nursery is equipped with a flexible shuttle system, which, in combination with our irrigation trees, creates an optimal environment for cultivation. In addition to the control, our Dat-A-Control software provides a comprehensive Track & Trace for the plant material.

Koppert Cress

In addition to a semi-automated container system for the greenhouse, we provided the complete logistics for the cold store: 9 overhead cranes and 10 stacking cassettes of 13 containers each, enabling a capacity of 6000 m2 of plants to be stored. The harvest area is also fully automated and efficiently controlled by our intelligent software (Dat-A-Control).

Pligt Professionals

The roller table system at this client is fully automated with the help of seven 2D shuttles and A-track automatic conveyors. Two of the shuttles and two roller table lifts allow the use of a second cultivation layer.

Amazone Plants

We furnished the greenhouses and the industrial hall of this company, which has been converted from a chrysanthemum nursery to an anthurium nursery, with a mobile transport and delivery system. The containers are equipped with gutters and are part of a unique cultivation system that was devised by the grower and put into practice together. The healthy air movement that this creates ensures an optimal climate around the plant.

Barendse Freesia

In this first vertical farm for cut flowers, boxes are placed with bulbs that are grown into a salable product. This achieves a higher quality, resulting in a higher price. The flowers are grown entirely indoors, which makes Barendse Fresia unique.